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AWARE NI Information

Check out the helpful well-being tips and resourses from AWARE NI.

1.     AWARE Support Services (18+)

AWARE Support Service leaflet attached which outlines how to register for our online support groups, how to contact our support mail via email and provides support line mobile numbers that people can ring.


2.     AWARE Videos (Suitable for students and adults)

Looking after your mental health during lockdown: During these challenging times it is so important to look after our mental health. This short video explores how you can look after your mental health during lockdown.


Take 5: These are difficult times and it is important to try to look after your mental health as much as possible. The 'Take 5 steps to well-being' is a set of evidence-based public health messages aimed at improving the well-being of everyone. They are really simple steps that everybody can take. This short video shows us how we can apply them to daily life.


3.     AWARE factsheets

Updated factsheets (March 2020) can be downloaded from the website. 


4.     AWARE COVID 19 Webpage

Updated information and resources can be found at COVID 19 webpage.


5.     AWARE Social media

Follow AWARE on Twitter @awareni and on Facebook AWARENI to see daily updates from the charity.


6.     AWARE Resources (attached)

Selection of AWARE resources attached that can be circulated to staff, parents and young people